Through the Ages

by Aythyr

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The debut release Through the Ages is merely glimpse at what Aythyr are striving for. A 5 song journey into the Celtic otherworld telling a story of the peril of ones search for power and the cost it has on the lover he leaves behind. And with the music either rolling like thunder or gently tugging the edges of your consciousness, you can't help but be pulled into the reality the band creates. Recorded by each of the musicians by themselves gave them a comfortable environment for the music to evolve naturally.


released July 31, 2014

All music by Aythyr.



all rights reserved


Aythyr Perth, Australia

Aythyr harnesses the inspirations of ages past to provide a bridge between the material world and the subconcious yearning of the universal mysteries.
With metal!

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Track Name: Tempting Voices
I strayed too long from your side

So until it's over, you'll feed the loneliness
That tempting voice inside
Along with all this filth and mire, bring me a reason not to fly
Not to die

I'll always strive
Strive to forget those days we used to fret away, steal away, blee away with childish hands

Lie with me, say you'll never lie lifeless in this earth

I fear not the doors within the trees

(fear not the doors within the trees)

I won't stay

Hide my name
(I won't stay here)

Hide my name in the earth
Scrawled in ink that writes our days away below the blooded boughs

Lead me from your light

I fear not the doors within the trees

I won't stay

Hide my name
I won't speak older tongues to bind the heart of time
(I won't stay here)
Track Name: Moonlit Moor
A welcome silence breathes through the fade, calls me to my shelter

Within the water, we drowned the trees; hands that plead the moon for light
My demon, stay here a while, linger in my bones
(My children, you'll stay here, no longer beside me)
Bleeding me won't bring you peace

Black descends into a moon-drowned lake

Wraith of nuin, decant my soul
Drink with glee upon the shore
That laps with lust at your dark words

Lend me flesh, i'll give you my own; my weakness

Gray wraith of nuin, I plea

Life unending

Will undying
Track Name: Initiation
A common tongue for the bestial empyrean, a realm still steeped in revelry to the last

A brazen call before the ancients' despoiling ley; cold sleepers in bliss as they wane
Drink deep from the throat of Ur; eighteenth seal of the wood
The seal of the crowned

The soul is flayed, the heart is severed, the skin unbound

All hail the horned god

Our moon holds way. Wyrds of power in your embrace

All hail the horned god

Drink deep from the throat of Ur; black earth seal of the wood

The seal of the crowned

The fiend of the trees
Track Name: The Wheel Turns
Rose torn asunder

Wheel always turning

One last moon will shed leaf from withering limb
Her song calls me back

Vale smoke has choked our hearts

The wight of autumn's flame bled our hallows dark
Curled our leaves under the weight of regret

How long was I (gone?)

How long did i leave her wanting, alone?

I bled to free myself from death, shed the lifeless skin of love

Home is the blooded arches' eye